My Inspiration

My Inspiration
"Soon, I'll have my little angel"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm Baaack! I Haven't Given Up...I Promise!

Hello Faithful Followers of My Journey to Motherhood blog. Sorry it's been so long. I have some technical difficulties. First my computer was acting up and then my Internet wouldn't connect. It was as if the forces of Cyber Space and Popular Mechanics were conspiring against me and having a good laugh at my lack of knowledge of either. Anyway, I'm back and have much to share with you.

Okay, where to start...? Well I'm not pregnant yet, but I am still staying faithful to the journey. I did ovulate again this month, and just yesterday and today I have had a little spotting. So even though I have yet to receive that BFP, I still am considering this journey a success because I have lost 10lbs and have begun ovulating on my own. I have added two more supplements to my daily routine. I purchased the two basic supps from Fertilaid. One is supposed to help increase ovulation through the herb Vitex (extrememly important for hormone balance) and the other will help increase my cervical mucus. I truly believe that these have aided in my ovulation this month. Other prenatal vitamins have made my hair grow quickly and shiny and my nails are growing too. YEAH!!!

Keep praying for me, I feel really confident that my time for motherhood is near!!!

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  1. Good for you...still praying daily!! Glad you are back online~missed reading your updates!! Love ya!