My Inspiration

My Inspiration
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I know I really having been on this journey very long, nearly five months, but I am starting to get a little bored. I am consistently sticking to my diet and exercise, only cheating on Sunday's :). However, waiting for the BFN or AF is starting to get mundane. I am having trouble finding pithy things to write about on this blog, I mean I'm seriously teetering on describing my CM and telling you my daily BBT. (97.8, today-no CM today). See? Not very interesting. So in honor of my three pregnant friends who have all recently found out what they are having. I decided to research some nursery ideas that I like. I thought maybe this would give me a little a encouragement to "keep on keeping on!" (Such a silly saying, but hey, it fits.) These were some of my faves I found on line. I have always a wanted a round crib. So in the pictures, just imagine the theme, with a round crib.
Boy Nursery #1- I love the green! It has my round crib, and don't you just love the window treatment, and the round mirror? I am not a fan of the cheesy stork-that would have to go

Boy Nursery #2. I have never been a fan of powder blue, but I like it here with the deep brown contrast. The wall is really unique. And that chair...looks so comfy.

Boy Nursery#3- Well, actually it is just the bedding and mobile I like. I would love, love, love to have a New York Yankees nursery. Even if I am married to Cubs fan. I found Yankee pinstripe wall paper.

Boy Nursery # 4 I love the Safari theme. The colors are bold but aren't so bright that you get dizzy. Again the brown and blue, I love it. It might actually be kind of a turquoise. I always wanted my boys nursery to be green, but some of these blues are making me re-think.

And now for the girls:

Girl Nursery #1-I wish this picture was bigger. I really like the purple walls, with the cream colored furniture. I would probably decorate the walls with butterflies since I love them.

Nursery #2- I really like the modern feel to this one. The stripes and polka-dots are fun. This is a theme that could carry on into grade school years. The pink wall might be a little much.

Girl Nursery #3- I like the pink ceiling. It gives a girlie feel without over doing it. Again I would replace the tree mural with a butterfly.

Girl Nursery# 4- This is by far my favorite! In fact I have it saved to my computer because I love it so much. I wouldn't change a single thing. The yellow wallpaper is a perfect back drop for the black and white. The cute lamp and pink pillow are just perfect touches. I WANT this room.


  1. You have exceptionally good taste, I can only imagine how much that round crib costs... LOL, but I love it too! The shopping is fun, but deciding is hard. Thanks for the ideas, I wish I was having a girl because our nusery is that creamy yellow now and with the black and white it would be so classy!

  2. I LOVE baby rooms...I look through nursery decor even when I'm not preggo. (; The last entry was BEAUTIFUL...and of course I loved the safari theme too! I will have to send you a pic of McKenna's room when it's's totally southern belle girly, girl! LOL!